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How Does IV Therapy Work?

The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself.  As Naturopaths, when we attempt to bring a disease under control, often what we are really trying to do is provide our body with the nutrients it needs to get the job done on its own.

The Catch-22 of this process, however, is that healing from illness or disease requires work that a sick body may be unable to perform – in essence, the body becomes too sick to run its own healing process.  It’s a bit like being too incapacitated to reach the phone and dial 911.

All life, except viruses, is composed of cells and cell products.  Nutrients in the body need to cross the walls of these cells in order to be used in the body’s healing process.  A cell that can’t do the work of transporting those nutrients becomes ineffective in its healing role, and when this happens, the oral supplements we use to promote healing aren’t properly absorbed and the body’s natural repair processes are restricted.

Using Intravenous (IV) therapy allows us to deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream in a high enough concentration that they are taken into the cell by passive absorption, without the weakened cell having to do the active work of transporting the nutrients itself.  As the body heals, the cells regain their ability to actively transport vitamins and minerals on their own, and the body’s own healing process can take over.

Why can't I just increase my dose of oral supplements?

The stomach and intestine don’t absorb the nutrients fast enough to create the high concentration of nutrients required, so the supplements leave your body faster than they are absorbed.  Intravenous drips deliver a concentrated dose of nutrients directly into the blood stream.

Is it safe?

Because the effects on normal body function of synthetic drugs are unpredictable, especially when given parentally, there is a great fear of this route of administration.  Most people have known or heard of someone who has died from an IM or IV synthetic drug.  The situation is different with vitamins and minerals.  These substances are natural to the body and, when given in proper doses by an experienced physician, are quite safe.  “Idiosyncratic” reactions, which often happen with synthetic drugs, happen far less often with substances which are natural to the body.

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